Communicat launches mobile device managed support

Mobile devices are now an essential part of the information system of every business.  All it takes is one lost phone for all your corporate data to become at risk.  Communicat now provides secure management for mobile devices as an integrated component of the Net2 managed service strategy.

Mobile Computing can be a powerful tool, but also brings a new set of risks and challenges including;

  • Unprotected Corporate Data
  • Interrupted & Distracted Employees
  • Lost Opportunity
  • Bring Your Own Device


Managed Mobile allows you to:

  • Reduce Exposure to Risk – Track, lock or wipe lost or stolen devices, and control app use and installation
  • Enhance Productivity – ensuring devices are properly configured and eliminating unnecessary distractions
  • Increase Profits – our solution will give you the confidence to safely & securely leverage mobile computing as a powerful productivity tool.