Computer Hardware and Networks

Communicat’s focus is on providing mission-critical levels of reliability and security. Therefore we recommend the highest quality of computer hardware and network systems which provide the highest levels of manufacturing standards, security compliance and warranty support.  Our major hardware and network partners include HP, IBM and Cisco.

In many cases you will find hardware and network manufacturers who can provide a lower price, however you get what your pay for. The compromise with lower-cost equipment may be in areas such as security support, warranty services or product quality and reliability.

In today’s world there are always criminals that are constantly working to exploit security loopholes in computer and communications equipment.  Major IT manufacturers such as HP, IBM and Cisco have major security research activities and provide us with frequent updates to protect your system.  These companies provide security that complies with requirements for ANZUS and NATO bloc e.g. the USA, Australia, Western Europe, etc.  On the other hand, equipment from some low cost sources are compliant with the security standards of non-Western powers.

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