The Technology behind MYOB Exo

MYOB Exo incorporates the following technology features

  • Database – The MYOB Exo Finance System is powered by the Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Data Integration – Services are available to connect your MYOB Exo system to import transactions from external and specialised systems

For more details and answers to technical questions regarding the technology behind MYOB Exo please contact Communicat.

MYOB Exo Application Programming Interface

The Exo API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy for any application running on any device or operating system to connect and interact with Exo Business databases.

What can I build?

The API provides extensive functionality and opportunities to link to your other business systems, software applications and devices.

Here are some typical examples of how the API can be used:

  • More customisable reports, and analysis tools
  • Integration with online services
  • Web stores, ecommerce, ebusiness, online selling, catalogues
  • Integration with third party software applications
  • Mobile apps that make it easier to work on the road

The MYOB Exo API provides the opportunity to link with a wide variety of functions and data within the MYOB Exo Business System, for example:

  • Debtors and Customers
  • Prospects
  • Stock
  • Bill of Materials
  • Sales Orders
  • Reports
  • Jobs