MYOB Exo – Videos

We have provided a selection of videos to provide you with an overview of the MYOB Exo range of software and to provide you with some introductory training.  This is only a beginners guide to the functions available with MYOB Exo.  We highly recommend contacting Communicat to discuss the requirements of your business and then we will be able to advise you regarding the suitability of MYOB Exo and provide further assistance about the wide range of solutions that are available, which extends far beyond the information listed here.

MYOB Exo provides a number of automated workflows to assist with compliance for taxation purposes. Also please refer to the “Accounting – for External Accountants” and other headings for more information of interest to Accounting and Finance Managers.

Bank Feeds in EXO Business

NZ GST Return

Taxable Creditor Payments

The Business Activity Statement

An introduction to some of the general features that are available with the MYOB Exo business software system.

Activities in MYOB EXO Business

Grid Interfaces in MYOB EXO Business

Menu Favourites in Exo Business

Searching Records in MYOB EXO Business

The EXO Business Education Centre

These videos explain some functions available within MYOB Exo that are designed to make work easier for professional accountants who are responsible for producing financial reports and for compliance. The Exo Accountants Assistant is free software for accountants. (Remote Desktop Login will be required to gain access to the MYOB Exo system).

Accounting Processes and Journals in MYOB EXO Business

Introduction to MYOB EXO Business for Accountants

The EXO Accountant’s Assistant

MYOB Exo is an integrated and in most cases the processes are consistent across the various modules e.g. managing records for customers, suppliers, contacts, etc.  These videos illustrate how records can be created and maintained.

Managing Contacts in MYOB EXO Business

Managing Creditors in MYOB EXO Business

Managing Debtors in MYOB EXO Business

Managing Non Accounts in MYOB EXO Business

MYOB Exo includes powerful CRM functionality plus full integration with the core MYOB EXO system.

Campaigns in MYOB EXO CRM

Contact Lists in MYOB EXO Business

Introduction to EXO CRM

Opportunities in MYOB EXO CRM

We have a range of e-commerce, customer portal and sales rep ordering systems. We provide systems to suit Business-2-Business B2B, Business-2-Consumer B2C and sales team portals (to place orders on behalf of customers). We also provide integrated sales catalogue software to operate standalone on your mobile device, tablet, iPad, etc..

Introduction to Online Ordering with Web Ninja

MYOB Exo integrates with leading EDI systems. This brief introductory video explains how your MYOB Exo system can be integrated to popular EDI systems to streamline your supply chain and automate trading with your major customers.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – The Order Exchange – MYOB Exo

MYOB Exo provides powerful Inventory Management and Stock Control Management functions including serial number and batch tracking. The system is even more powerful when used with Portable Data Terminals and Warehouse Management System.

Managing Inventory in MYOB EXO Business

We provide warehouse automation systems with the latest hand-held Portable Data Terminals including functions for inwards goods receipt, transfers, picking, packing and proof of delivery.

EXO4 PDA with stock transfers with MYOB EXO Distribution Advantage.

Job Costing, Job Management and Project Costing/Management – this is one of the most powerful components of the MYOB Exo software package.  Exo extends beyond the usual scope of Job Costing software, in that it also includes functionality for job scheduling and management, tracking equipment maintenance and other functions.

Introduction to EXO Job Costing

Job Scheduling

Managing Job Quotes

Material Costs in EXO Job Costing

Purchasing in EXO Job Costing

Serviceable Units (2014)

MYOB EXO Serviceable Units (2011)

Timesheets in EXO Job Costing

TimeTrak Product Intro

TimeTrak Professional – How to create a time entry

TimeTrak Mobile Product Demonstration

This video explains the basics of MYOB Exo manufacturing processes.  The system can be set up for basic simple manufacturing or complex manufacturing.  Talk to Communicat about the level of manufacturing functionality you need for  your business.

Bills of Materials in MYOB EXO Business

MYOB Exo OnTheGo for iPad provides a simple and effective sales tool for your sales team.  We also have other sales information systems available for Windows PC and Mac.

MYOB EXO OnTheGo 1.3

Manage your purchases efficiently with the MYOB Exo purchase order management workflow, including Purchase Order and Approval and Landed Costing workflows.

The Purchasing Cycle in EXO Business

MYOB Exo provides a wide range of management reports, accounting to get you started. It also provides reporting and dashboard design tools so that you can customise to suit the needs of your business.

Introduction to Dashboards in EXO Business

Setting up Dashboards in MYOB EXO Business

Cellophane version 2.0 is here – Advanced bulk reporting for MYOB EXO Business

The sales module of MYOB Exo provides clear tracking of each step in the sale process from sales order, pick, pack and despatch.  Sales quote functions are also available.  Your sales workflow can be customised to the number steps your require depending the size and level of activity of your business.

The Sales Cycle

MYOB EXO is highly customisable so that your system can be tailored to meet the functional requirements of your business.  Communicat consultants will analyse your requirements and draw up a plan so that you Exo system fits your business perfectly.

Extra Fields in MYOB EXO Business

Setting up Business Flow Menus in MYOB EXO Business

Setting up Checklist Widgets in MYOB EXO Business

Setting up Dashboards in MYOB EXO Business

Setting up Menus in MYOB EXO Business

The EXO URL Protocol

TimeTrak Webinar: The Latest Features – August 2016

Webinar: The latest features of TimeTrak

MYOB EXO Webinar: Inventory Management & Stock Control

MYOB EXO Webinar: General Ledger Reporting

EXO Workshop (BI) – 3 August 2016 – Phocas Presentation

MYOB Exo Videos – v5.0