Mission Critical Systems

For the services that we provide to our clients, failure is not an option.  We provide mission-critical systems.  We focus on providing high level services to client who require reliability, uptime and continuity at the highest level.

Our service includes a number of layers which enable mission-critical levels of reliability, including:

  • Anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-intrusion, anti-hacking
  • Auditing system performance and security
  • Automated security updates and patch management for software, operating systems and firmware
  • Backup management
  • Constant monitoring and detection of security threats and system performance
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Firewall management
  • Licence management for software and operating systems
  • Preventative System Management
  • Pro-active system monitoring
  • Redundant systems to take over in the event of a failure of mainstream systems
  • Secure site hosting at Level III Data Centres located within Australia and approved by the Uptime Institute

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