Proactive Desktop/Laptop Management

Net2 provides a comprehensive solution for supporting and managing the overall health of each computer in your company whether it be in-house or offsite or in another country – as long as it is connected to the internet It will still be supported by our team of Net2 engineers. Net2’s PC management plans ensure that your computers are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technological threats and disasters. Computers are in your office to help you run more efficiently and with Net2 they will be optimised to ensure that this is possible around the clock.
Net2 offers PC Management in two plans that range from antivirus/spam only support to full support, including after hours support (additional charges apply).

Desktop/Laptop Management Plan (Net2) – Monitoring and Remediation


Unlimited Phone Standard Hours Support(8am-5:30pm Mon-Fri)

Unlimited Remote Support (8am-5:30pm Mon-Fri)

Microsoft Application Support


Microsoft Patch Management

3rd Party Application Management*

Anti-Spyware software management

Antivirus Software Management*

Windows Firewall Management


Performance Monitoring of CPU / Memory / Hard Drives

Drive Space Monitoring

Automated PC Optimisations


VPN Connectivity

Printer Connectivity

Network Drive Mappings

* Approved application and software only.