Dedicated Hardware – IAAS

Infrastructure as a Service with Dedicated Hardware

Under this service option network equipment will be purchased, owned and operated by Communicat and provisioned exclusively for your business for a designated period and at a fixed monthly cost.

Benefits of IAAS/DH

IAAS/DH offers you a higher level of security, control and performance (compared with IAAS Virtual Server / Shared Spectrum):

  • You can control and personalise your IT Environment;
  • Version management / upgrades and compatibility (e.g. Operating System versions) can be managed according to your requirements. You will be able to schedule the timing of your upgrades to minimise the risk to your business;
  • Security, Privacy and Data Sovereignty – your system is exclusive to your organisation. Resources are not shared with other organisations. Therefore privacy and data sovereignty are provided at the highest level. This factor will be especially important to organisations providing services in the areas of health, education, community services, government and defence;
  • Reserve and control Network Resources (e.g. RAM, disk space, etc.) to suit your preferences;
  • Own your own software (not available with Shared Spectrum / Virtual Servers);
  • Your costs will be lower and more flexible than if you were to host directly with the Data Centre;
  • Subject to a minimum period.