Notice to clients, suppliers and business partners regarding COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus

The following policy and information is intended to enable Communicat to provide essential services and minimise disruption during the current global health challenge.

 Our goals:  

  • Protect the health of our team;
  • Protect the health of our clients & business partners;
  • Provide continuity of service.

In response to the current health issues we have changed some of our traditional practices and policies in recognition of the increased level of health risk.   We are advising you of our revised policies since they will affect the way we perform services for your organisation.

  1. Your help is vital to ensure that we all protect our health: If you have any reason to suspect that any member of your staff may be at risk of infection by COVID-19 or may be experiencing some other illness please inform us before booking an appointment with a member of our team.
  2. We are closely monitoring the health of our team. Any staff who have symptoms of a cold or similar infection immediately advise their manager and appropriate action is being taken, e.g. self-isolation (working from home) and taking temperatures.  The intention of this policy is to minimise the risk of infecting colleagues, clients and business partners.
  3. Restrictions on visits and meetings with clients and business partners: Our company has a long-standing culture of developing friendly and professional relationships with our clients and business partners.  Part of this culture has been to encourage in-person meetings and on-site visits.In the current circumstances we are forced to change our practices in order to protect the health of our team, our clients and business partners.  Therefore we are reducing the number of on-site / in-person visits and meetings to those that are essential and approved by our management.When you request a member of our team to attend at your office for a meeting or to carry out work, please be aware that the Communicat team member will need to first gain approval from his/her manager before committing to the appointment.
  4. Virtual meetings: We have increased our use of online desktop sharing and phone conferencing.

This is an unfolding challenge.  Policies/practices are therefore subject to change.  If you want to know about Communicat’s internal health policies they can be viewed on this page.

We will work through this together. If you have questions please raise them with your regular Communicat contact or call me.

Malcolm White,
Managing Director – Communicat

Find out more by reading Communicat's health policy