Anti-virus, Anti-malware

Security and protection for your network requires a multi-faceted strategy that needs to be constantly reviewed as new threats arise. Communicat is able to provide a comprehensive multi-layered protection strategy that benefits from our membership of an international research group to constantly search for new and emerging threat fingerprints. We then apply this research to continuously monitor your system and resolve threats at the earliest possible stage. No system can make your system 100% safe. Our goal is to eliminate all risks as far as possible and protect you at a level that is much higher than other organisations.

Our current range of protective services includes:

  • Anti-virus software.
  • Anti-SPAM – we have a range of anti-SPAM services to suit your budget. These services will scan your incoming email and divert suspect emails to a safe area for further analysis. There are a range of options and the cost will vary depending on the level of protection required.
  • Firewall security – we offer a range of hardware and firmware protection systems and we maintain your protective firmware with the latest updates.

Operating System and Software Patching on a daily basis to ensure your system is always protected with the latest security updates, to guard you against vulnerabilities.

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