Hosting your Network

There is a very strong trend toward businesses having their IT services outsourced and their network systems professionally hosted. With modern technology you do not need to invest in in-house servers and networks, nor do you need to engage expensive in-house or contract support staff.

Most businesses now outsource their IT services to professional IT organisations such as Communicat.

We can host all of your systems including your email (Microsoft Exchange), ERP business systems, Client Relationship Management, document management, etc.

We can help you to work out which hosting option is best for your business. Sometimes we hear clients saying they want to be on the cloud, or they do not want to be on the cloud. In reality there is a complete spectrum of choices and options ranging between having your own network located within your own office, through to the other extreme of using a public network. For many people, their needs will be met by a hybrid system.

We can help you to build your network using the methods and technology that are best for your business.

For many businesses, the Private Cloud will provide the best solution. It offers all of the benefits of cloud technology but with the highest level of security, privacy and data sovereignty.

At the current time, the breakdown between different types of network preferences is approximately 15% on-premise networks, 55% private cloud networks and 30% public networks. We can help you to choose the network method that is right for your business.

Factors to consider include:

  • Data sovereignty – This is especially important if your business is in health, personal services, community services, defence and government services. These industries place a high degree of importance on having confidential data located within Australia and/or New Zealand legal jurisdictions. You may have legal obligations that require your data to reside in these national legal jurisdictions and be managed by IT providers who are 100% Australian owned and subject to Australian law.
  • Redundancy and fallback systems – Your system is only as reliable as the weakest link. Hosting at a professional data centre will give you access to multiple services e.g. multiple communication carriers, fallback power systems, high levels of security, etc. If you require maximum fallback systems to cover anything that might go wrong then usually the most economical system will be a private cloud hosted system.
  • Connecting multiple branch locations, mobile staff, eCommerce, EDI, Multiple time zones. If you require your system to be up and running around the clock then having a private cloud system will offer many advantages.
  • Reliability – Generally speaking Private Cloud hosted systems will provide the most reliable solution.
  • Security – Private Cloud systems will usually provide the highest level of data security protection.
  • If the lowest cost is your principle concern then you should discuss your requirements with your Communicat Network Adviser. Depending on your requirements the lowest cost option could be to implement a local on-premise network or a public hosted network.
  • Performance – We can carry out overall analysis of the factors that will determine your network performance. Your network speed and reliability are only as good as the weakest link.


We will help you to evaluate all the options and advise you on the optimum network configuration to suit your business.

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