Communicat Tailored Systems

When your business is small and in the early years you have a tight budget for software and your main needs will be for basic accounting and office functions.  Low cost software is ideal to boost your productivity.  This is the stage where you will buy “off the shelf” software and then fit your business within the capabilities of the software.  Where there are shortcomings in the software you will fill the gaps using spreadsheets, duplication of data and other workarounds.

As your business grows, it will not be practical to adapt your business to the software.  You will need software which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business.  This is what we refer to as Tailored Systems or Customised Systems.

Tailored Systems

In the past Tailored Systems were expensive and difficult to maintain, as it was necessary to build them from the ground up.

Today, it is much more practical and economical to build Tailored Systems.  We will build your system on a strong IT foundation and then use “lego blocks” which are the software modules, customised workflows and the network infrastructure that you need to provide for the specific functional requirements for your business.

Benefits of a Tailored Systems

  • Automate your business processes
  • Eliminate duplication of data entry
  • Have key business information at your fingertips
  • Speed up business cycles e.g. accounts data processing, supply chain management
  • Information system which informs your team about the status of jobs, orders and tasks within your business
  • Eliminate manual work and replace it with inter-connected business processes
  • Link your systems to your customers and suppliers, to eliminate re-entry of data
  • Automate your reports so that you do not need to rely on spreadsheets

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