Microsoft Exchange

We support Microsoft Exchange either on all platforms:

  • Hosted on your own server, on your own premises; or
  • Hosted in the cloud – public cloud and/or private cloud.

Microsoft Exchange is the leading email and communication system for business.

Most businesses start with a basic POP3 or IMAP email system. These standards are outdated and have a number of disadvantages, including lack of security and lack of replication.  Microsoft Exchange is now available at a modest cost to suit all organisations from small business to global corporations.

Exchange provides a true replicating database, so that any email activity that takes place on one of your devices will automatically and quickly be reflected on your other devices.  For example, if you read, delete or move an email on your PC, this activity will automatically be repeated on your other devices.

Microsoft Exchange Server includes a wide range of functions and features including:

  • Windows PC Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface and popular tablets and phones
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Co-ordination functions for your team – your staff will be able to access one another’s Calendars and Tasks. You will be able to invite and schedule team members and clients to attend meetings, check availability of colleagues, reserve resources e.g. meeting rooms and data projectors and more
  • The Exchange Public Folders feature can enable document management and sharing.
  • Global Address Book allows you to operate a company-wide contact database and distribution list.

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