What is the Communicat Team passionate about?

Saving you time – increasing your efficiency
Helping you to grow your business and that you can count on your systems to support your growth;
Mission Critical Levels of Reliability and Security
Convergence of technologies – We view your system as one integrated unit, including software, network, cloud, equipment and the user experience.

Our company name, Communicat, is intended to mean that everyday person-to-person communication is so important. We aim to be “The Cats” who communicate with our clients and the community in a way that is friendly, innovative and helpful.

Communicat Approach

Our passion and the purpose of our business is to help our clients work smarter (not harder!).  Modern technology offers great opportunities for increased efficiency however surveys show that most people only accomplish less than half of the potential benefits that are available from their system.  We can help you to achieve the potential benefits that are available from your investment in modern technology.

We provide our clients with Information Systems and Communication Technology, Services and Support that is secure, effective, practical and affordable. We also enhance the working lives of our clients’ employees.

We foster long-term trusted partnership relationships with our clients and friendly professional relationships with our clients’ employees.

We support clients across a wide range of industries with a focus on organisations with 25 – 500 employees in Australia and nearby countries.

Communicat Values

Trustworthiness and Integrity
Quality of Service
Value for money
Our team has the qualities of leadership, strength, the courage to speak up and take the initiative.

Main points

Established 1987 – Customised Software Development
Today – 26 cats – Accountants, Analysts, System Designers.
Database consultants, Network and Cloud Specialists
Business Systems – Custom Software – Networks – Cloud
400 clients across Australia, NZ, S.E. Asia


Holistic – Integrated -The Big Picture

The belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Mission Critical

Vital to the functioning of an organization. If the system stops, your business stops.

Some ideas we borrowed from Qantas

In order to achieve mission-critical levels of reliability all components and systems must be compatible and integrated.

  • Mission-critical level of reliability and performance
  • Integration – connect your systems, clients, suppliers
  • Compatibility between all components
  • Planning – Project Management
  • Value for money / ROI
  • Personalised service

Integrated Support Team

  • Business system integration and tailoring
  • Business intelligence / management reporting
  • Network & Cloud – engineers / backups
  • Mobile data systems / CRM
  • Software development and customisation
  • Business Portals / eCommerce / web pages
  • CPA standards of ethics and confidentiality

Major Accreditations

ERP: Arrow Tencia, MYOB EXO and Advanced, Crystal Reports,
Business Intelligence Dashboards

Network and Cloud: Microsoft and MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner,
Microsoft Partner, Cisco, N-Able, HP

Our approach v04

With Exo order processing, my guys can enter a customer order 10 times faster and when your average order is 20 SKUs, that’s a major time saving every day.

Paul Horsey
Director, Abyss Distribution