Go mobile. Visit your clients with customer data on your phone/tablet

Do you want to be more pro-active with your clients? Improve customer relationships? Increase sales?

The key to achieving these goals is spend more time in face-to-face contact with your clients. Visits. Lunch. Brainstorm. Celebrate success together!

All the top sales people know that this old-fashioned method works!

But… how can you spend more time with your clients, and at the same time, also have the information you need at your fingertips?

The answer is GOYAKOD – “Get Off Your Ass and Knock On Doors”. Add to this the brilliant mobile software we can provide for your phone, tablet or laptop. You already have email on your phone. The next step is to add your mobile customer database, sales information. This can all be in the palm of your hand.

So… get moving. You might even like to watch the TV sleuth “Bosch”, a breakthrough crime solver. You will see on his wall a poster with his motto “GOYAKOD”.

We can enable you to GOYAKOD!

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