Benefits of Tencia

Tencia is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly and customisable integrated business system.  Tencia has been built on a foundation of modern information technology including the Microsoft .NET Framework, Web Services, and Microsoft SQL Server. Tencia’s Web Services technology allows the system to connect and exchange information in a secure manner with other modern business software including Electronic Data Interchange, eCommerce, specialist and industry-specific software.


The Tencia software package includes a complete suite of functional modules including finance modules, supply chain management, manufacturing, job management and payroll. The integrated design means that you can key in a transaction once and know that the information will flow to other modules, therefore eliminating double-keying of information.


The security architecture allows you to define roles with as much or as little functionality as you want to provide to individual roles and persons.

Multi-user scalability

Tencia is able to cater for the needs of users ranging from a few users through to several hundred users.


Multi-currency functionality is available in trading modules for purchasing, sales well as finance modules for banking, debtors and creditors.

Multi-company and consolidation

Tencia users range from single-entity environments through to groups with hundreds of companies.


The system is designed for multi-site operation to link your branches across private networks, private cloud and public network environments.

Multi-warehouse and multi-bin

The supply chain modules are able to track inventory across multiple warehouses, as well as allow you to track inventory to the specific rack, shelf or bin within each warehouse.


The functionality of Tencia can be customised to suit the individual needs of your business.


The modern user interface conforms to modern standards and is similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Compliant with Australian and New Zealand legislative and commercial standards

Tencia has been designed in Australia to suit the needs of organisations in the Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific regions. The system is also available in Northern Europe.

Tencia V06