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Integrated Systems and Support

We understand the big picture.  Many of our clients want to operate unified, integrated systems with umbrella support service that covers their complete system. This requirement is especially important for clients who regard their systems as “mission-critical”, i.e. requiring maximum uptime, high performance and rapid support response.

We will partner with you to identify:

  • What are your goals?
  • What are the integrated workflows that are necessary for you to achieve your goals?
  • We will then identify the technologies that must come together in order for you to achieve your goals.
  • We will implement and support the different technologies so they work together seamlessly.

We have the complete range of skilled professionals to cover all of the angles.  We will advise you how you can bring all the technology components together to achieve your goals.  We do not draw the line at software, or networks, or people or training.

At the end of the day, your requirements are simple:

  • You want your system to provide the functions you need with high levels of performance and reliability.
  • You understand that technology is never perfect and that from time to time there will be problems and issues. When this happens you want fast and accurate answers and a guaranteed rapid support response.
  • You do not want the complications and delays of dealing with different skilled advisers who give you conflicting advice, because different specialists are confined to their own “wedge” of knowledge.

The problem of “wedges of knowledge” has been around for a long time.  For example, traditionally software specialists would have their view, then the network people would have their view.  There was no one who could advise on the big picture, or to take total responsibility to achieve maximum uptime and performance.  Therefore, sometimes the client would get involved in conflicting advice.  This problem of putting the client in the “hot seat” was a distraction from the big picture of running your business.

Even at Communicat, where our team includes all of the different specialists, we also have team members with different wedges of knowledge.  The difference is that our people are used to working together as a team, working towards a common goal.  From time to time our different team members have differences of opinion.  The difference is that we work out those differences internally.  Then we will provide you with fully considered advice that takes into account all of the factors and angles.  You will receive one set of advice.

The traditional wedges of knowledge were:

  • Software and data
  • Skilled people – implementation and ongoing support
  • Network and Cloud

The lines between these disciplines have always been artificial.  Today, these artificial boundaries have faded even further to the point that the boundaries are virtually invisible.  The emergence of e-commerce, cloud technology and automated links between your business and your customers means that there are no longer any real boundaries between the different technologies.

At the same time, your system depends on these three elements work seamlessly together.

A major factor in the growth of Communicat and the stability of our client base has always been the teamwork between our specialists in all of the wedges of technology. That has been our strategy since the company was established in 1987.

We have the skills, the resources and the strategies.  We will ensure you will meet your goals.

What if you only want to use one of our specialist services?

  • Business Systems – ERP Software and Support; or
  • Network and Cloud – Services and Support

Some of our clients prefer to engage the services of just one of our teams.  We are happy to work with you on that basis if it is your preference.

For example:

Business System ERP Software Services

You may have a long and successful relationship with your IT service provider. In that case you can limit your engagement with Communicat in just the specialisation of business system software and support.

You can be sure that our business system support team has the experience to understand the mindset of your IT support company. We will be happy to cooperate with your chosen IT support company.

Network Infrastructure and Cloud Services

You may be happy with your business systems but you would really like to engage a top quality IT support company that understands the requirements of your business systems. In this situation we can provide you with our specialist Network and Cloud support service.

In either case, when you deal with Communicat, we fully understand the big picture.

Approximately half of Communicat’s clients use just one of our services.  We enjoy long-standing and highly successful collaborations and relationships with many IT companies.

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