Communicat is Australian-owned and operated

Communicat is a 100% Australian-owned company, managed and operated by Australian staff who reside within Australia and have Australian residency. As an Australian organisation we are entirely subject to Australian (Victoria) legal compliance obligations. We provide a complete range of business system, network and cloud services which we provide, as far as possible, using Australian people and resources.

If you are concerned about Data Sovereignty, confidentiality or Australian privacy laws you can be sure that your legal compliance needs will be met by using the services of Communicat. If you want to support Australian ingenuity, technology, innovation and employment you will be at home with Communicat. Our head office and business owners are based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Ownership of Communicat is entirely in the hands of Australian citizens;
  • Communicat is an Australian legal entity and therefore subject to Australian legal compliance (Victoria, Australia);
  • Our staff are directly employed by Communicat and reside within Australia;
  • Our National helpdesk is based in Melbourne, Australia. We do not outsource support or helpdesk services to any overseas company;
  • All private cloud data hosting services are provided directly by Communicat using equipment that we own and technical staff who are employees of our company. We do not outsource any data hosting services except for the rack space that we rent from NextDC on which locate our own equipment in Australia. NextDC is an Australian-owned company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.  In addition we offer hosting within Australia at Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services as an option. Microsoft and Amazon are US owned companies;
  • Confidentiality and compliance with Australian Privacy Laws are a prime focus of our company. All of our staff are subject to confidentiality agreements as well as complying with the ethical and professional standards of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants – APES  110 Code of Ethics. This document can be downloaded from the CPA website or a pdf can be provided by Communicat.

We deal with many clients where full compliance is required for Data Sovereignty, confidentiality and adherence to Australian Privacy Laws.

Our clients include many classes of organisations for which privacy and compliance with Australian Laws is mandatory:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related organisations
  • Accountants
  • Australian Federal Government
  • Charitable Services and Agencies
  • Church and Religious Organisations
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Family and child welfare
  • Financial Services
  • Government and semi-government agencies
  • Health and Medicine
  • Housing – Emergency and Public Housing
  • Human Resources Systems and Service Providers
  • Immigration
  • Law Enforcement
  • Lawyers
  • Local Government
  • NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme Service providers
  • Not for Profit Organisations – NFP
  • Payroll Services
  • Religious and Cultural Organisations
  • Safety Service Providers
  • Sporting Organisations
  • Social Services
  • Youth and Child Services

Buy ANZ – Australian and New Zealand Technologies

Australia is sometimes referred to as “The Clever Country”. At Communicat we have a policy to give preference to buying and recommending Australian developed technology where local technology is available and of an internationally high standard.

We are in fact the Clever Country, in that Australia and New Zealand punch well above our weight in the standard of software and technology that we develop. Many locally developed systems are equivalent to the best in the word. In addition they are customised and supported for compliance with Australian and New Zealand business methods and legal compliance (e.g. compliance with taxation reporting requirements).

Examples where we “Buy Australian” and “Recommend Australian and New Zealand” systems include:

  • MYOB Ltd – the largest software development company in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Arrow Research Corporation – a highly successful Australian-based software development company, producers of Arrow Financials and the Tencia business systems.
  • We source software from many other innovative Australian and New Zealand software development companies, ranging from Perth in West Australia to New Zealand in the East.

Overseas sourced imported technologies

As a technology company most of the network infrastructure and generic software that we use in Australia is imported from overseas. We support international brands which produce the highest quality equipment, well supported and secure systems such as Microsoft, Apple, HP, IBM and Cisco.

We avoid equipment and systems which may be available at lower cost but which are subject to concerns and doubts regarding quality and/or security.

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