MYOB Advanced – What is Acumatica? (More info)

Acumatica provides the technology foundation for the MYOB Advanced Cloud Business System.


The MYOB Advanced System is a special Australia-New Zealand customised version of the Global Acumatica System.  MYOB Advanced is hosted by MYOB in Sydney at Amazon Web Services, the largest Data Centre in the ANZ region.

Acumatica Global HQ is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.   The company was founded in 2008 by well known ERP software development technologists. Acumatica has 250+ employees and more than 5,000 customers worldwide.


The advanced technology and modern web user interface of the Acumatica system have led to the company being the fastest growing ERP software company in the world.


Acumatica and the MYOB Advanced system is sold and supported through dedicated technology partnerships i.e. local authorised software implementation consultancies such as Communicat.


Acumatica and the MYOB Advanced Business System are based completely on web-based cloud technology.


You can access Acumatica / MYOB Advanced on any modern web-enabled device via a simple browser web interface.  You do not need a network infrastructure, network server or workstation.  All you need is a device  e.g. PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone.  You will also need an internet connection.  With your device and your internet connection you are off and running with a major competitive advantage – your world leading ERP business system!

Global Headquarters – Seattle, Washington State, USA.

  • North American offices/branches: Columbus Ohio, Herndon VA (Near Washington DC).

Branches and Partners around the world

  • Canada: Quebec – Canada
  • Latin America: Mexico City – Mexico.
  • Asia: Singapore, Kuala Lumpor – Malaysia.
  • Australasia: MYOB Australia and New Zealand.
  • Europe: Moscow – Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Romania.

MYOB provides software development for the Acumatica business system.  This enables the system to comply with the requirements for the ANZ market.

  • Acumatica provides the technology foundation for the system;
  • Acumatica is marketed in ANZ as the MYOB Advanced business system;
  • The MYOB Partnership enables ANZ businesses to access world-leading ERP technology at an affordable price.

MYOB distributes and hosts the MYOB Advanced Business System in the ANZ market.  Localisation development and localisation is provided by MYOB.  This includes developing functionality for local compliance (e.g. tax) for the ANZ market as well as local business conventions, terminology, language, functional conventions and workflows required for the local Australian and New Zealand market.

In many cases the functions and workflows are very similar between Acumatica and MYOB Advanced.  Therefore, we have included some Acumatica videos on this web page that will be helpful provide you with an insight into the workflows of MYOB Advanced as well as features and modules which may be available in the future with MYOB Advanced.

The underlying technology is identical between MYOB Advanced and Acumatica.  Therefore, if you require more detailed information e.g. technical information as a software developer, or to customise the system, or if you just require additional information then it is helpful to have access to the Acumatica information resources and videos provided here.

There are some areas of difference between MYOB Advanced and Acumatica – please contact Communicat for more information.

One significant area of difference between MYOB Advanced and Acumatica is that MYOB Advanced is generally only available as a hosted application – hosted by MYOB on Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia.  (If you have a large business and are interested in self-hosting MYOB Advanced please contact Communicat and we can discuss your requirements).

Another area of difference is that some Acumatica modules are not yet available in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information regarding Acumatica visit or call Communicat


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Acumatica – v3.0