Business Systems Overview

All businesses start out small and can operate successfully with simple systems and the hard work of the people who started the business.  As an organisation grows it needs to work smarter, to streamline workflows, connect people and systems, reduce duplication of work and provide instant access to key data for the team.

Communicat’s business systems are designed for businesses that are outgrowing their entry-level or “tier one” business systems and are ready for the next step, to software that is designed for a medium-sized business.

Tier 1 – Entry Level systems for Small Business Tier 2 – Systems for Medium-Sized Business Tier 3 – Systems for Big Business
Typical scale:
Size: 1 to 20 employees
Sales p.a.: Up to $3m
Typical scale:
Size: 20 to 1000 employees
Sales p.a.: $4 to $500m
Typical scale:
Size: 1000 plus employees
Sales p.a.: $500m plus
MYOB AccountRight & Essentials
MYOB Advanced
Tencia – Arrow
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Oracle Financials
  • Easy to use
  • Low Cost
  • No need for specialist consultants
  • Small volume of data
  • Use spreadsheets as workarounds
  • Automated systems
  • Connect multiple locations and entities
  • Connect to customers, suppliers, eCommerce, EDI
  • Customised to the specific needs of your business
  • Higher cost – greater benefits
  • Higher levels of functionality
  • Integrated workflow systems – reduce double-keying
  • Large volume of data – strong database platform
  • Management Reporting, Dashboards, KPIs
  • Multi-currency
  • Security – limited functions different levels of users
Implementation – Project Management Method

Communicat implements and supports integrated business systems, network and cloud infrastructure.

We follow a design methodology where we use proven business system software and the highest quality network infrastructures and cloud environments.  This method enables us to provide robust proven solutions with rich functionality at a reasonable cost, with mission-critical levels of reliability, security and performance.

We take a holistic approach where we view all of the components and factors as one integrated system.

Australia and New Zealand – The Clever Countries

Australia and New Zealand are extremely clever countries.  Communicat prioritises Australian and New Zealand software developers who produce world-leading software.

We support world software where it is the most cost-effective and high-performing option.

We support Australian and New Zealand developed systems where there they provide the most cost-effective and high-performing option.

We can help you to make well informed decisions to choose best-of-breed systems.

Some of the key issues to be considered in choosing your business system:
  • Business Systems to suit your location and business environment – Australia, New Zealand and import/export

    Your business needs to provide workflows for the business conditions, terminology and compliance requirements required for Australia, New Zealand and to import/export to/from the rest of the world. The software developers that we work with are totally committed to these requirements.There are many excellent overseas software developers based in the US and Europe however the fact is we are not their prime focus.  Overseas developers are primarily focused on their own overseas markets and the biggest world markets.  Australia and New Zealand are small companies, but we are also innovative.  We want to work with software developers who place their prime focus on developing their software to suit Australian and New Zealand businesses.
  • Should you buy imported or Australia-NZ developed business systems?

    Should we import all our technology? Or do we believe in supporting local technology industries?  Should we just be farming and mining our natural resources?  Or should we be developing the technology skills for our workforce for the future?Some people have a cultural cringe where they think that imported technology is better than our home-grown technology. Communicat have been in this business since 1989 and we know for a fact that Australian and New Zealand business technology is right up there with the best in the world.
  • Advantages of Australian and New Zealand software developers
    • Great value for money;
    • Responsive to local requirements and compliance obligations e.g. payroll, tax, reporting, terminology, workflows;
    • Re-invest their profits into the Australian and New Zealand economies and provide employment to our workforce;
    • Rapid support response, local time-zones, local language, priority focus on Australia and New Zealand.
  • We support overseas developed software where it is the most cost-effective option
    When it comes to operating systems, databases, networks and business intelligence many of these software components must be sourced from major technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, HP, Cisco and IBM. These companies set international standards and local software usually cannot compete against the huge technology resources of these overseas companies. That does not mean however that the overseas companies always have the best systems, in particular, in our experience local software developers are more than a match for overseas developers of ERP business systems.
Business Systems – Communicat prioritises and recommends business systems developed by leading Australian and New Zealand Technology Companies, including:
  • Arrow Research
    • Arrow Financials
    • Tencia
  • MYOB
    • MYOB Exo
    • MYOB Advanced
Software standards compatibility, Operating Systems, Generic Software – Communicat recommends world leading systems, including:
  • Apple Desktops and Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Microsoft Windows PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Operating Systems for servers, Windows
  • SAP Crystal Reports

Business Systems v05

With Exo order processing, my guys can enter a customer order 10 times faster and when your average order is 20 SKUs, that’s a major time saving every day.

Paul Horsey
Director, Abyss Distribution

Management at the firm are fans of the software, as they can easily look at – and track – employee information, and health and safety data.

Kerri Martin
Administration Manager, Reliance Transport