Data Centres – Australia

Communicat services include the following key principles:

  • Supporting mission-critical business systems – basing our services on technology that ensures the highest level of reliability, continuous operation and risk minimisation;
  • Partnering with Australian technology companies;
  • Protecting Australian Data Sovereignty, including full compliance with Australian privacy laws and business practices.

As a consequence of these key principles therefore all of our data centres are based in Australia and include the NextDC high security data centres located in Australia.  We also offer options for hosting in Sydney with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

We offer hosting options with a range of security and data sovereignty to a level that is suitable for your business. For example, if your organisation manages highly confidential data including health, human resources, financial and other sensitive information then you may wish to consider the Private Cloud options and hosting with Australian-owned and domiciled data centres.

Communicat does not outsource our hosting services.  The only service that we outsource is the physical location of the equipment, i.e. we rent space within data centres where we can locate our equipment with the highest level of security and continuous operation.

Please refer to the separate Data Sovereignty topic on this website for further information.

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