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Our clients are always our number one priority.  When you engage Communicat as your support company you are always dealing directly with our full-time employed team of professionals, based in Australia.

Communicat provides the highest standard of mission-critical support and powerful business solutions.  We achieve this by a combination of our own team and resources in combination with our long-term strategic partnerships with best-of-breed information technology specialist partners.

Business Systems – ERP Software

Communicat recommends, implements and supports “best of breed” business systems. We have a preference for software developed by Australia and New Zealand software development companies. Locally developed software has a long history of providing functionality, compliance and workflows required by the Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific organisations. Our relationships with leading Australian technology companies include Arrow Research Corp. and MYOB Ltd.

Arrow Research Corp. Business Software Developer.

Arrow Research is an Australian-owned company with software development centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Their main focus is to develop business software for the Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific markets. Arrow-Tencia software is also supported in Europe and the USA.

Arrow Financials SQL
Arrow Financials SQL has been one of the most successful business software packages in Australia, New Zealand, APAC and the UK since the system was launched in 1989. The system has gone through many upgrades over the years and continues to be popular. It is a simple, elegant, powerful and affordable business system. In 2004 Arrow Research commenced development of the new Tencia Business System and released the first range of Tencia software core modules in 2009.
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Tencia Business System
Tencia is one of the leading ERP business systems in Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific and UK. The core finance modules of Tencia were launched in 2009. By 2015 all modules were available in Tencia. This powerful, flexible and user-friendly software has been built using modern technology including the Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft SQL Server and web services.
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MYOB Group Ltd   Mind Your Own Business – Business Software Developer

MYOB Ltd is the leading software developer in Australia and New Zealand. Communicat implements and supports the MYOB “bigger business” range of software including MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced.  MYOB Exo is deployed into on-site and private cloud network infrastructures.  MYOB Advanced is a cloud-based business system, hosted in Sydney by Amazon Web Services Inc.

The software that is now branded as “MYOB Exo” was originally named “Exonet”, with development commencing in New Zealand in 1997. The software design concepts and technology were extremely advanced at the time and as a result the software continues to be extremely popular today. MYOB Exo provides exceptional power and functionality whilst retaining a very simple and user-friendly interface. Enhancement continues today with development teams in Australia and New Zealand.
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MYOB Advanced
In 2015 MYOB Advanced was launched in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific regions to meet the emerging demand for powerful cloud-based business software. MYOB Advanced was launched to meet the need for cloud software tailored for the business conditions, workflows and compliance requirements of Australian and New Zealand organisations. MYOB established local software development teams to customise the underlying Acumatica technology.
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MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner
In 2013 MYOB recognised that many businesses in Australia and New Zealand wanted to operate their business systems in a private cloud environment. MYOB have approved Communicat as the leading MYOB Enterprise Cloud Hosting partner in the Australia-New Zealand region. We are the only organisation that has the skills and accreditation to provide fully integrated support for both MYOB Exo software and Private Cloud deployment within a fully coordinated support team.
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ERP Reporting

SAP Crystal Reports
SAP Crystal Reports is the world’s leading custom report automation software. Communicat have been developing and customising Crystal Reports since 1987. In 2007 SAP bought the Crystal Reports business for USD $7 Billion. SAP have continued to develop Crystal and the software continues to maintain its place as the world’s leading business intelligence systems.
ZumeIn Sales Information System. ZumeIn is a division of Communicat that develops mobile sales systems that link to the Arrow Financials and Tencia Business Systems. ZumeIn is designed to provide sales and marketing professionals with instant access to the information they need, using mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. ZumeIn can be accessed by any device that uses a web browser.
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Network and Communications

Apple Computer / Apple Inc.
Communicat deploys business systems using a range of Apple systems and devices including Mac computers and IOS mobile devices.
Net2 Managed IT Services
Net2 is a specialist division of Communicat which specialises in supporting mission-critical network and cloud infrastructure systems. The Net2 team works closely with the Communicat ERP Business Systems Team to provide a fully coordinated “one stop shop” integrated business system support service.
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Cisco Systems
Communicat has recommended and supported Cisco communication systems since Cisco established its market and technological leadership in the 1990s. The rapid growth of the internet as an essential tool for mission-critical business operation has led to the role of Cisco Systems becoming more important every year.
Exetel Communications
Exetel is one of the communication companies that partner with Communicat to provide reliable and fast connectivity for our clients, including network and cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft – Technology Company

Communicat has been a Microsoft Partner since 1992.  We support a wide range of Microsoft Technologies including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Servers, Software development systems, workstation operating systems, application software and business systems.

Microsoft Partner – Silver - Application Development
Communicat is accredited as a Microsoft Partner for Application Development, based on our qualifications, expertise and resources. This certification includes certification of Communicat as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and Software Developer for Windows and Web Applications.
Microsoft Hyper-V
Hyper-V is a native hypervisor, developed by Microsoft to provide virtual computers on which multiple servers can operate within a single server hardware environment. Hyper-V can be used for one organisation to operate multiple servers on a single computer and can also be used to facilitate shared-spectrum hosting for multiple organisations.
Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 is a hosted version of the Microsoft Office software suite including Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint, Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint including data storage and access across multiple devices. It provides facilities suitable for small and medium business without the need to invest in installing and maintaining network servers and infrastructure.
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Microsoft Azure
Communicat’s range of cloud hosting services includes our ability to host your software applications with the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment. The service includes PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). There are two options within Azure. Option 1 is the “classic model” where each Azure resource (virtual machine, SQL database, etc.) is managed individually. Option 2 can offer economies of scale solution by providing a “shared spectrum” deployment. This allows groups of related services that are closely coupled to be deployed, managed, and monitored together.
HP Business Partner
Communicat has been a business partner with HP since the start of Communicat in 1987. We recommend HP as one of our key business computing technologies to achieve mission-critical network and cloud operations.
Next DC
Communicat’s partnership with NextDC enables us to host cloud network environments in the most secure operating environments in the Australia-New Zealand and Pacific Regions.
N-Able is a Canadian technology company which develops specialist support software and systems for Managed IT Service Providers. Communicat’s investment in N-Able technologies enables us to use the best technology available to achieve pro-active and mission-critical levels of network and cloud infrastructure support.
VMWare is a native hypervisor, developed by EMC Corporation to provide virtual computers environments on which multiple servers can operate within a single server hardware environment. VMWare can enable an organisation to operate multiple servers on a single computer and can also be used for multiple organisations to operate their servers within on a shared-spectrum basis, sharing a single computer.

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