Tencia Business System

ERP software developed in Australia by Arrow Research Corp.


Tencia is one of the most popular business systems on the Australian and New Zealand markets.  Tencia is also available in the Asia-Pacific region and Northern Europe.  Tencia is developed by the Arrow Research Corp. which is an Australian-owned technology company which operates software development offices in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Arrow company is entirely focussed on developing software to meet the needs and compliance requirements of the Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific markets.

Tencia System Overview

Tencia delivers an integrated solution that is flexible, affordable and easy to use. Tencia offers you the choice of either a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, or on premise desktop accounting software.

On the right is an example of how a typical Tencia system can be set up to operate in a small business.  The system is highly customisable and additional features can be added depending on your business needs.  For instance, some businesses may require payroll, serial batch tracking or foreign currency features to be included in their system set up.

All of these features can be easily included if they are required.  This diagram shows the general flow of information within Tencia to give you a high level understanding of how the system operates.

Suitable across a range of industries

Tencia is suitable for businesses across a range of industries including; financial and professional services, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale, information technology and associations and not for profit (NFP) organisations.

Secure, reliable and easy to use software

Offering a comprehensive set of accounting ERP features, deep functionality and lots of flexibility are only some of the benefits Tencia has to offer:

  • Fully integrated – reducing the need for double handling data.
  • Robust security features – Featuring a layered security model that uses permissions and defaults to ensure sensitive information is protected.
  • Remote access – Works on the web, so you can access Tencia from all over the world.
  • Highly customisable – Advanced features that give you the flexibility to customise each users interface to align with their specific job role.
  • Scalable – grows alongside your business.
  • Familiar and easy to use workspace – Tencia allows you to access Microsoft programs from the main application window using quick links and a customisable favourites menu, making its integration with Microsoft products appear seamless.


  • Multiple office locations
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Advanced stock requirements
  • Deal in multiple currencies
  • Deal with high volume transactions

Australian Designed and Owned

Tencia is 100% Australian designed, developed and supported.  Tencia has been developed by the Arrow Research Company which is 100% Australian owned.   Our software meets high standards for quality and compliance with Australian and New Zealand business conventions, workflows and legal compliance e.g. for taxation, employment and superannuation.  Arrow Research is based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Tencia V06