Arrow Financials

Arrow Financials is an Australian-designed ERP business system that became popular soon after its introduction in 1989.  The software has been enhanced and improved over the years and today it continues to operate successfully in many organisations.

Communicat continues to provide support for Arrow Financials however it should be considered as a “legacy” system. We recommend that business that operate Arrow Financials should consider upgrading and gaining the benefits of the new Tencia business system. We provide advisory services to assist your business to make your transition to Tencia smooth, efficient and with retention and continuation of your data history into your new Tencia system.

In 2009 the new Tencia business system was launched with the intention of replacing Arrow Financials with a system based on more modern technology including the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Microsoft SQL database. By 2015 the complete suite of software modules were available in Tencia. Tencia is now the main business system that is marketed and developed by the Arrow Research Corporation.


Arrow Financials v04