Cloud – Private, Public & Hybrid

Is “The Cloud” the best option for your business?

“The Cloud” question is not a simple question of whether or not you should move to the cloud.  In fact, there is a whole range of choices across the spectrum of data and software locations.

At Communicat we have an expanded view across the hosting spectrum.  We will recommend the best hosting system to suit each task and each client.

We offer a range of on-premise and cloud hosting options including:

  • “On premise” – server and devices based on your own premises
  • Private cloud – private spectrum
  • Public cloud – shared spectrum
  • Hybrid – combinations of the above.

We can design a hosting option that will be best suited to your requirements taking into account a range of important factors including your:

  • Functional requirements
  • Data security and sovereignty
  • Fault tolerance requirement
  • High speed connectivity availability
  • Mobile access requirement
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Software compatibility
  • Speed of data access
  • Uptime requirements
  • Budget

There are many advantages to cloud technology however there are also some weaknesses in certain situations.  We will make you aware of big picture so that you can make well-informed decisions before you commit to your system hosting strategy.

Hosting Business Applications in the Cloud

Communicat can host your complete business system in the cloud, providing fully integrated support between your business software and network infrastructure. All of your IT work is transferred to Communicat including security, system updates, backups, hardware, software, etc.

If you are not sure whether to make the decision to move your IT Infrastructure to the cloud, we can make the decision easy for you. We can host your business system and provide you with the flexibility that if you subsequently decide to change the location of your business system to an in-house network or to another hosting centre, you can move your system to the new environment. At Communicat we refer to this as “The Rainbow” since the service provides all the benefits of “Hosting in the Cloud” with the added flexibility that you are able to easily change the location of your system to a local network infrastructure.

  • Short term or long term hosting available. This is ideal for fast track implementations.
  • You can choose to host your system in the cloud and subsequently make a change to operate your system on-site within your own premises, or another hosting service provider.
  • Backups and redundancy are provided as part of the service.
  • The hosting service is ideal for organisations which are spread out across multiple locations. Our high speed hosting centre removes the bottleneck from your system.
  • Your data is located within Australia and subject to the protect ion of Australian privacy laws and legal compliance.
  • Remote Desktop Connection is ideal for accounting software, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Web applications are also available for ecommerce and mobile systems

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