About Us

We will help you to work smarter

  • Increase your efficiency by providing you with proven business systems and support.
  • Network and cloud infrastructure that is fast, reliable and secure.
  • Continuous improvement in your systems.
  • Information at your fingertips.

We will be your trusted business partner. We will ensure that your network and business systems work efficiently so that you can focus on achieving the highest level of success and growth for your business.

Mission Critical Systems

Your system is only as reliable as the weakest link. We believe your systems should be viewed as one integrated unit. The software, the network and the people need to work seamlessly to achieve mission-critical reliability.  That is the reason why Communicat provides a broad range of skills and services.

Skills Overview

Our 26 consultants have a wide range of skills and work as a team, providing complete support for your systems.

  • Business Software Consultants
    • Implementation and Support
    • Business Intelligence and Customised Reporting
    • Workflow automation
    • Integration between systems
    • Electronic Data Interchange and eBusiness specialists
    • Accountants
  • Database specialists
  • Network Engineers
    • Security specialists
    • On-Premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud designers
    • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Internet technology
    • Mobile information systems
    • eCommerce
    • Business Portals
  • Software developers
    • System designers and programmers – Customised software development
  • Integrated IT services
    • Helpdesk and support

Business systems based on a foundation of Proven Software plus Customisation

We are able to provide rapid implementation of your new systems and reduced operating costs by building tailored systems onto the foundation of proven leading brand software packages. Then, adding tailored, specialist and customised modules that Communicat develops.

Network and Cloud Infrastructure – Managed IT Services

We believe your systems should be designed and maintained to achieve mission-critical levels of reliability. We have invested in leading technology to achieve this outcome.

We established our Managed IT Services system in 2006. With a decade of experience in Managed Services methodology we have been able to refine and improve our systems to achieve the highest level of mission-critical network and cloud operations.

We offer the complete spectrum of hosting solutions ranging from networks located on your own premises, private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting.

Business Philosophy

Communicat has a foundation of beliefs that we have followed since the first day the company started. They are:

  • “Don’t let your ego get in the way of success”
  • “In every field, a champion team will always beat a team of champions”
  • Be friendly, helpful, fair, flexible and generous
  • Always have an attitude of “why not?”
  • Trust – Treat the client’s business as if it was our own, always give the best advice and invest in building long term relationships… help our clients to grow and become stronger and the benefits will flow in both directions. Develop a relationship of trust and honesty that flows in both directions between the client and ourselves.
  • Teamwork – No matter how highly skilled or capable we are, we all need colleagues with different and complementary skill sets and approaches. It is essential for the team to collaborate toward achieving shared goals. Every team member needs to be able to count on every other team member to do a great job.


The Communicat story has been one of gradual evolution and improvement, using ever more powerful software, customisation skills, networks, skills and training. These basic concepts have proven to be a great formula for success.

The company continues to grow, based on a strong foundation of company and team culture. Many of Communicat’s clients have been with the company for 20 years and longer.  Our clients have grown and our own business has grown along with our clients.

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Paul Horsey
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