Communicat’s History

Communicat was founded on the idea of providing a one stop shop approach to technology that would include people, software, computers and connectivity. A concept of one interconnected and integrated systems. The central theme of Communicat to provide clear, simple and honest communications. That is the origin of our company name “Communicat”.

  • 2016


    The Communicat team are referred to as “The Cats”. We have a team of 26 Cats which includes a wide variety of skills. Our company culture continues to be based on a firm commitment to a strong team culture and friendly, trusted service. We have invested in world’s best technology for our operational management systems, so that our team have the best system tools that enable them to support you at the highest standard.

    We support and recommend leading brand business systems and technologies.

    Cloud systems are now very popular however we believe every client should be free to choose the type of network that is best suited to their requirements and budget. That is why we support the full range of network models including on-premise networks (located within your own office) as well as private cloud and public cloud systems.

  • 2015

    Convergence of technologies - software, network and cloud

    More clients are understanding benefits of convergence - viewing systems as one inter-connected unit and dealing with one supplier for the total system. Managers are putting behind them the idea of software and networks as different items. Cloud systems are more popular than ever including web-based systems as well as Windows systems with Remote Desktop hosting on Terminal Server.

    Technology convergence has seen mobile phones, cameras, music players and software merge into one personal communication device (iPhone and Android). In the same way business software systems, networks and clouds have converged into integrated systems.

  • 2014

    Training Centre Opens

    We refurbished and opened a new training centre in King Street West Melbourne, providing an ideal learning environment for our clients. This expansion allowed us to focus the upper level of our building on an expanded operations centre. The team grows to 22 Cats.

  • 2013

    Communicat opens CloudANZ – The first approved MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner

    Communicat launches CloudANZ as the first private cloud hosting service fully approved and accredited by MYOB. Communicat is the only organisation that is accredited as an MYOB EXO Parner, MYOB Advanced Partner and MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner.

  • 2012

    Communicat opens for business at Australia’s most high-tech data centre - NextDC Port Melbourne

    “The Cloud” starts to take off in a big way. Communicat invests in data centre technology with hosting operations transferred to the NextDC data centre, based on the highest Tier III data centre standards.

  • 2011

    Communicat invests in convergence of technologies – software and networks as one unit

    One of the key ideas on which Communicat was founded was the idea that software, hardware and networks should be viewed as one unit. In 1987 this idea was ahead of its time. In 2011 Communicat promoted the idea of convergence strongly. We received a very positive response. The time is right for clients to catch onto the benefits of convergence.

  • 2010

    Catering for On-Premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud

    Introduction of the three levels of system hosting – on the client’s premises, private cloud and public cloud. We believe the client should use the most suitable technology that suits their business policies and requirements. Our move into cloud technology proves to be a sound decision and the business continues to grow.

  • 2007

    Move to new building in King Street West Melbourne

    Communicat moves to modern new premises in King Street, West Melbourne. The team grows to 18 Cats.

  • 2006

    Managed Services IT support

    Communicat takes a major step forward and makes a substantial investment, adopting the Managed Services IT support method. Previously Communicat had always provided Network Infrastructure support on the basis of “fee for service” basis i.e. with hourly consulting fees. With the adoption of the Managed IT Services method we made a completely new start in the way IT was supported. The new Managed IT service involved providing a high level of support and preventative maintenance for an agreed monthly set fee.
    Communicat was one of the first companies in Australia to introduce the Managed IT Services methodology. This decision has proven to be very sound, and in the years since 2006 there has been an extremely strong trend for the Managed IT Services model to become the dominant method of network infrastructure support.

  • 2005

    Information Technology Investment and Customisation takes off

    Businesses realise that some of the system “patch ups” introduced due to Y2k were short-term temporary fixes. Many of these companies started to develop a more open-minded attitude to using the power of information technology to achieve efficiency improvements.

  • 2004

    Cyber Security becomes a key issue

    Internet security issues become an increasing challenge, e.g. computer viruses. Communicat invests in a range of new technologies in order to ensure clients systems would be as reliable and secure as possible.

  • 2003

    Brisbane office of Communicat opens

    Communicat expands to open the Brisbane office.

  • 2001


    Demand for IT services and new systems grew rapidly in the period leading up to 2000. After Y2k arrived, there was a significant downturn in IT investment since many organisations had already spent their IT budget and had already updated their systems to meet Y2k concerns.

  • 1998

    Y2K bug

    Concern develops in the business community about the ability of legacy systems to operate after the advent of the year 2000, also known as "Y2k". The size of the Communicat team grew rapidly to meet this demand. In many cases, many companies adopted the attitude that investment in IT was a “necessary evil” in order to meet the demands of the coming Y2k challenge.

  • 1996

    Bigger and Better

    Communicat moved to larger premises to accommodate a growing team of business system implementers, network technicians, software designers and trainers. The team grows to 15 cats.

  • 1994

    The revolution in business software begins

    Business leaders started to become receptive to the idea that the internet provided opportunities for revolutionary benefits. Communicat became successful in introducing internet –based communication systems and delivery of software using secure internet methods.

  • 1989

    Internet revolution starts in Australia

    Internet revolution starts in Australia. Communicat tried to introduce the concepts of internet and email to clients. Unfortunately the idea was about a decade ahead of its time and the promotion failed to catch on.

  • 1988

    Fast Track Method developed - customising and integrating systems

    Fast-track method of systems development created, on the basis of using modular packaged software that could be customised and integrated with special software modules and management reporting systems. Communicat grows to a team of four Cats.

  • 1987

    Communicat established

    Communicat starts with three Cats. The company was founded on the idea of communicating in way that is friendly, professional, creative and based on the best and most cost-effective technology available for medium-sized businesses. The idea of clear and simple communications is the basis for the company name “Communicat”. We started our business developing customised software and implementing computer networks.

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