Arrow Financials Software today

The Arrow Financials software package is still in operation with many organisations continuing to use the Arrow Financials package, and Communicat continuing to support the software.  However more and more clients are recognising the benefits of Tencia and are switching over to Tencia.  By 2016 there are far more organisations running Tencia compared to the number that are continuing to operate the older Arrow Financials software.

In the meantime Arrow Research have continued to develop and maintain the Arrow Financials package to meet compliance requirements (e.g. Tax Payment Summaries, Superstream Superannuation compliance, etc.).  The Arrow Research company are loyal to their users and they have committed to maintain the Arrow Financials software until such time as all of the required modules and functions were available in Tencia, plus a grace period to allow clients to transition to Tencia.

By 2015 all of the Arrow Financials modules had become available in the Tencia Business System. Therefore as at 2016 only essential maintenance updates are provided for the Arrow Financials software package.

There are still thousands of users who love the “old” Arrow Financials package.  The simplicity and elegance of the Arrow software was extremely advanced for the era in which it was developed.  During the 1990s many software packages were “clunky” whereas Arrow Financials was very simple and powerful.

Tencia is a huge step forward.  The Tencia Business System is a huge success in the marketplace.  Tencia has been highly awarded and is a brilliant example of Australian technology excellence.  Tencia has been extremely popular in the business community across a wide range of industries.  Tencia provides functionality, power and flexibility at a much higher level than was available with the Arrow Financials package.

We are confident that Tencia will be a continuing success story into the third decade of the 21st century.

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