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Confidentiality and Ethics Overview

The nature of Communicat’s work is that our clients entrust us with their most highly confidential information.  Any information you provide to Communicat will be treated with complete confidentiality in the same way that you would trust the confidentiality provided by your Accounting firm.

Data Security and Data Sovereignty

  • Communicat is an Australian-owned company and all staff are employed and work locally in Australia.
  • All client information is stored in highly secure computerised data systems which comply with Australian Privacy Laws and are subject to Australian legal jurisdiction.
  • We provide a high level of compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Accounting Professional Standards – Ethical and Confidentiality Compliance

The Communicat Team includes a number of CPA’s (Certified Practicing Accountants) and CA’s (Chartered Accountants).  Therefore our key staff are required by the standards of the Accounting profession to adhere to the Accounting Profession ethical standards. For details of these standards please refer to https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/professional-resources/ethics/apes/overview.

In addition to the client confidentiality and ethical standard compliance of our CPA’s and CA’s, all members of the Communicat Team are also contracted to adhere to these professional standards.

By virtue of our adherence to these standards therefore you can therefore expect the highest standards of professionalism, client confidentiality and ethical behaviour in your dealings with Communicat.

No doubt you are familiar with the standards of confidentiality that you expect from the Accounting firm that provides accounting services to your business. You will encounter a similar type of professional experience when dealing with Communicat.

The main differences between the general style of operation of an Accounting firm compared with Communicat are that Communicat is a technology company, supporting business software and network infrastructure.

There is a clear delineation between the services that Communicat provides as distinct from your Accounting firm.  Although Communicat employs a number of CPA’s and CA’s we do not provide accounting services. We are able to work closely with your Accountants to ensure that Accounting standards are met as efficiently as possible, using automated systems based on the most up to date business technology.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Most of our clients are satisfied with our compliance with professional standards, ethics and confidentiality, as these are the same standards that apply in your dealings with your Accounting firm.

In addition, on request, we can also provide you with our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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