Background and History

MYOB Ltd is the largest software company in the Australian and New Zealand region.  It is also the leading brand of business software for small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2013 MYOB was already the leading brand of business software in the following areas:

Small business

  • Windows Accounting Software for small business;
  • Online web-based accounting software for small business;
  • Mac Accounting Software for small business.

Medium and larger business:

  • Windows Business Software (ERP) – MYOB EXO – on-premise and private cloud

MYOB’s next goal would be to become the number one company for online-web-based business software for medium-sized business.

The Australian and New Zealand business world has many special functional requirements that are different from overseas company, in areas of commercial practices and workflows, accounting standards, business reporting standards, legal, tax, payroll and employment compliance. MYOB has a strong reputation for developing software that provides 100% compliance with these requirements.

At the same time it was widely recognised that the most technologically advanced web-based ERP in the world was US based Acumatica.    Acumatica was founded in the US in 2008.  Some of the founders of Acumatica had a long-standing background as developers of the Solomon business software that was purchased by Microsoft and marketed as Microsoft Dynamics SL.

In 2013 a partnership was formed between MYOB as the most successful software company in Australia and New Zealand, with Acumatica as the developer of the worlds most advanced true cloud-based ERP for medium-sized and larger businesses.  Acumatica would provide the underlying technology foundation.  MYOB Ltd would build on this foundation and enhance with localisation functionality.

MYOB has made a major investment in local Australia-New Zealand software development to bring the worlds best technology to market, plus full compliance with local legal and commercial requirements requirements.  Development of MYOB Advanced continues to be a major commitment to enhance the functionality of MYOB Advanced for the Australian and New Zealand market.

The partnership between MYOB Ltd and Acumatica is the basis for the launching of MYOB Advanced in the Austalian and New Zealand marketplace in early 2015.

Since the launch in February 2015 MYOB Advanced has rapidly grown in popularity to one of the leading ERPs in ANZ, also with the advantage of providing both full business and finance functions as well as payroll and employee related functions.

MYOB Advanced V04