Change to timing of billing for monthly services

As from March 2021 Communicat has changed the timing of billing for monthly services. For example, under the new arrangement March services have been billed on 28th February, 2021.

This change of billing cycle will provide for two benefits:

  1. More accurate software licence billing: The new system of billing a month ahead will allow more time to adjust the number of licenced users that are billed to your organisation for Microsoft and other technology licences. Changes to these licence numbers are necessary whenever your number of users changes up or down. We need to notify the technology provider a month in advance of these changes, in order to allow the technology provider sufficient time to adjust your licence costs. Under the new timing, where we raise the invoices slightly earlier, it allows more time for us to notify technology providers and for them to finalise changes to licence numbers. In some cases this new workflow may result in reduced licence fees for your organisation; and
  2. More time for account payment: For example, an invoice dated 28th February, 2021 invoice will bill your company for March services and will be due for payment by the end of March 2021. By sending the invoice slightly earlier it gives you more time to process the invoice and stay within the due payment date. This should fit in better with your accounts payable cycles and also will mean that we will call you less often to follow up on outstanding invoices.

We believe this change will overall be of benefit to your organisation.

If you require more information please contact Robyn by email or phone (03) 9320 000, or you can contact the person who you usually speak to at Communicat.