Payment Terms – Category B – Part Payment (Deposit) Required

Communicat Business Solutions provides a diverse range of products and services.  Different types of products and services are subject to specific payment terms.


“Part Payment (Deposit) Required” terms apply to the types of transactions listed below.


When you purchase equipment, we will require either a partial payment (deposit) or full payment in order for us to confirm your order and so that we can pay our supplier.

Once goods and services have been delivered and/or provided to you, then the balance owing will be due for payment immediately.


In some instances a progress payment may be required. If this is required then you will be advised to the client at the time of purchase.

It is your legal obligation and also important for our relationship, that you pay on time

It is your legal obligation to pay any outstanding balance on time (as stated above).

In addition, if you do not pay in a timely manner, we will enquire if there is a problem with the goods and services we have provided.  Please assist us by clearly communicating and paying all accounts on time.

Transfer of Ownership does not take place until goods and services are paid for

Ownership of equipment, software and other goods will not pass to you until payment in full has been received by us for all amounts owed on your Communicat account.  By accepting these terms you confirm your acceptance that we may, at our discretion, register your purchases with the Personal Property Securities Register

Once goods and services have been delivered and/or provided to you then any remaining outstanding payment will be due immediately.

Additional consequence for the client not complying with payment terms.

In addition to the limitation on transfer of ownership described above also, if you do not comply with the payment required herein then we reserve the right to withdraw services and recover any goods that have been provided in compensation for amounts owed.  We will not be held responsible for any damages, consequential or otherwise, which result from the withdrawal and/or removal of our goods and/or services.