Brief summary of MYOB Exo software enhancements during 2017

This page provides a brief summary of some of the enhancements that have been introduced into MYOB Exo software during 2017. It is important that you arrange for Communicat to update your software version so that you can benefit from new and improved features and also to ensure that your system is compatible with new operating system and software versions e.g. Microsoft Windows versions and application software.

If you would like to improve the functionality of your system and/or to update your system please contact Communicat for a chat.

Updates to Exo Clarity
  • This release includes an upgrade to the Exo Clarity report builder, which adds new functionality and interface improvements.
New Report Components
Google Map
Detail tab Zoom Setting
Design Layers
Updates to the Preview tab
New Exo Clarity Help
Other Updates to Exo Clarity
  • CheckBox components now allow for three possible states
  • You can now specify a hyperlink for Image components
  • You can right-click on components and report bands in the Report Tree to access the usual right-click options for the component/band.
  • The Rich Text Editor has new options for bulleted/numbered lists, and options for controlling the text’s line height.
  • New buttons are available on the Format toolbar for aligning text to the top, middle or bottom of the bounding box:
  • A new Timing right-click option is available for Variable components.
  • A new OnCreateDrawCommand event is available for all report bands
New Company Colour Settings
Controlling Access to Job Line Write Offs
Update to ABN Verification
Update to SQL Widgets
Interface Enhancements
  • This release adds a variety of enhancements to user interfaces throughout Exo Business, which improve workflows and make data more visible and easy to read.
Menu Favourites
  • Customising the Menu Favourites Pane
  • Searching for Menu Items
Stop Credit Options when Receipting Payments
Cloud Service Status Icon
Company Type on Contacts
Creditors Payment Processor Default
Saving Exchange Rates
Sentence Case on Extra Fields
Documents on General Ledger Accounts
  • The General Ledger Account Details window now has a Documents tab
Geolocation Service Change
  • Exo Business now uses Google Maps for geolocation functions. The geolocation service functions as it did in previous versions—the only noticeable difference should be the appearance of the thumbnail image on the Confirm Location window.
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