Important Warning – How safe is your business? Cyber criminals hold 200,000 computer users to ransom in 150 countries

Australian businesses are experiencing criminal attacks every day.   Criminals are holding business owners to ransom while their computer data is encrypted.  The number of businesses affected is  greater than many people realise due to a “tip of the iceberg” situation.  The majority of business owners who are attacked decide to suffer in silence because they do not want their name to be publicised in the media.  They fear the loss of reputation if they publicly admit to  security “holes” in their computer systems.

Paying the criminals is never a practical option.  Why would you pay up and trust criminals?  Paying the ransom will only encourage criminals to attack you again.

There is no 100% protection against criminals attacking your business and locking up and stealing your data, but there is much you can do to reduce the risk.  In simple terms, the recommended strategy is to:

  • Upgrade to a higher level of protection; and
  • Ensure your backups are totally guaranteed across your whole system.

Communicat offers different levels of protection depending on your budget and the level security you need.

  • If Communicat is already providing your security protection, now is a good time to review and to consider increasing your security level.
  • If Communicat is not yet your support company then we can provide you with a security review.

For additional information regarding how to protect your business visit: Protect your business against Ransomware and Malware.

For additional information refer to

Protecting your business requires a multiple layers of security protection.  Our team highly skilled security professionals can advise you on the level of protection that is most suitable to protect your business.

Is your IT infrastructure secure?

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