Unitex International“EXO provided us with the processing power and functionality that we needed to increase the efficiency of our business”

Unitex International has grown to become one of Australia’s leading wholesale rug distributors. As the business grew it became necessary to move up to a more powerful business system.


“We outgrew our old MYOB Premier system” – As the business grew it became more important to have a system that provided efficient workflows and an ability to meet the company’s specialised functional requirements.

“We were operating many different spreadsheets. This caused confusion, risk time-wasting and high operating costs.”


MYOB EXO was chosen as the best solution – Unitex evaluated several systems including NetSuite, Jiwa and Jim2. The company chose MYOB EXO due to the high level of functionality, low entry cost, ease of use and power to cater for the company’s rapid growth.

“Our system was implemented on time and on budget!”


MYOB EXO has increased the efficiency of our business – MYOB EXO provides visibility for all team members. The sales team is able to access accurate stock information. Sales orders are tracked efficiently. This enables an improved level of customer service. Tighter control over debtors has led to improved cashflow and a reduced risk of bad debts.

Cash flow has improved as a result of the efficiency of the MYOB EXO software.


  • The system was not coping with our data volumes
  • With so many spreadsheets, we did not have one source of the truth
  • We had many manual workflows that needed to be automated
  • We did not have a clear picture of our key data e.g. stock levels
  • We were unable to customise the system to meet our needs


  • We have one central source of the truth and accuracy of our data
  • We have been able to customise the system to meet our needs
  • Our data is accurate and visible to our team, e.g. sales order status, stock levels, etc.
  • Able to manage debtors more efficiently
  • Cashflow has improved significantly

Unitex International V02