Riley Industrial and Marine Sales (RIMS)MYOB EXO provides instant access to data and the power to handle growing data volumes

RIMS is a specialist hydraulic and pneumatic engineering business

The company was established in Hobart in 1981 to service the local industrial and marine market. The company has grown to 35 staff across multiple sites.

As the business expanded it became more important to manage the data efficiently. The old systems involved double-handling of information with resulting inefficiency and lack of information.


Need for an integrated Finance and Job Costing system – RIMS were previously operating an Attache system with an add-on job costing system – Powerlink. As they were two different systems that required regular updating between the two systems, there were delays while data was transferred to each database.

RIMS needed a system where all data was online and provided from one single source to provide immediate and accurate information.

“RIMS needed accurate and immediate data on jobs, inventory and finance”


Finding the right system – RIMS evaluated a number of different systems before choosing MYOB EXO. Some of the users were “tradies” who required a user-friendly system. MYOB EXO was able to provide the required simple user interface. EXO involved a significant investment, but it has proven to be highly cost effective.

“EXO has been an excellent solution for our business.”

The importance of professional implementation and support – Like any item of complex technology, the system is only as good as the support behind it. The MYOB EXO system was implemented on time and on budget. It has been supported maintained to achieve continuous improvements in efficiency


Customisation – The system was customised to meet RIMS functional requirements, including tailored reports and business workflows.

Benefits – MYOB EXO provides a central location for all data. The system is fast and accurate, resulting in huge time saving.

“MYOB EXO provides a central source of truth – access all data with speed and accuracy”


  • The old software did not have full online integration between finance and job costing
  • Data was stored in several different systems which caused confusion and inaccuracy
  • Unable to identify the performance of each department and job
  • As data volumes increased the old system slowed down


  • All data is now provided from one single source that is accurate and up to date
  • Able to identify costs and profits on jobs
  • The system has coped with increased data volumes
  • The system is customised to suit the specific functional needs of the business