Nippy's JuicesNippy’s applies “best practice” thinking to their business systems

Nippy’s Juices was established in the 1930s and has grown to be one of Australia’s leading food producers

Nippy’s is one of Australia’s leading food producers. They are constantly improving their methods to produce the best and freshest products. They have followed this “best practice” method though to their business software, with the implementation of their MYOB EXO business system.


Need for an integrated system – Before MYOB EXO was implemented, Nippy’s were operating two several different databases and spreadsheet systems. The company operated MYOB Premier which met accounting requirements, however it was not integrated with the specialists systems required for other business operations.

“The need to eliminate double-handling of data”


Choosing MYOB EXO – Nippy’s considered a number of potential systems including SAP and MYOB EXO. They realised that MYOB EXO provided the required functions and workflows. EXO provides powerful accounting functions as well as business operation functions including accurate stock control, bill of materials, sales order processing and tracking.

“MYOB EXO provided us with the functionality we needed.”

Stock management was a key requirement – It is essential to Nippy’s business model that they provide fresh high-quality products. Therefore the company needed highly accurate stock management. After an extensive evaluation Nippy’s management realised that MYOB EXO stock management is a leader in accuracy of stock tracking through all stages of the process including purchasing, production and sales management.

Reliability and Accuracy – EXO provides automatic and live product costing, which has replaced the old manual costing process. Profit margins are calculated instantly.


Once source of the truth – Staff efficiency has increased as a result of the speed of the system and the elimination of several standalone systems. MYOB EXO provides a wide range of standard reports and in addition, it is also possible to extract special reports when needed.

“Nippy’s now have one central source of information. Efficiently has improved substantially”


  • The old system involved two separate systems that were not integrated
  • Data was not available to all users
  • Data was duplicated in several systems, therefore increasing workload and the risk of errors


  • Increased efficiency
  • Accurate and up to the minute data
  • Management reporting is fast and easy

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