Mega MusicMYOB EXO hits the right note!

Mega Music has grown to become one of Australia’s leading music retailers

Mega Music provides a great selection of musical products, highly trained musicians advisers and outstanding customer service. They wanted to have a business system that would be user-friendly and highly efficient, with all necessary data online and available from a simple menu system.


Frustrated with the confusion of operating multiple systems –Mega Music were experiencing the inefficiency of operating different accounting and Point of Sale systems. The company prides itself on delivering an outstanding level of customer service. This was difficult with data spread over multiple systems. The company wanted one integrated system.

“Professional and personal customer service is essential. This requires instant access to stock and customer information.”


One system across multiple locations –The company operates over three different locations. They needed one integrated system which united the branches to follow standardised procedures and sharing of information.

“MYOB EXO provided a simple and user-friendly solution”


Provide a better customer experience

MYOB EXO was able to be customised to meet specific requirements of Mega Music. The system is now personalised to provide sales staff with the information they need at their fingertips. This has been one of the key factors in supporting Mega Music to be one of the fastest growing music businesses in their region.


  • The old methods were “clunky” with data spread over different systems/li>
  • Made it difficult to provide the desired level of customer service and relationship.


  • MYOB EXO is user-friendly and fast
  • Data is integrated into one single source
  • Able to track each individual customer’s needs
  • Instant access to stock information
  • Efficient Point of Sale workflow

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