Direct ImportsMYOB EXO ticks all the boxes for Direct Imports

Direct Imports Limited is a Hastings-based importer, wholesaler and distributor, specialising in Consumer Electronics equipment, Music Instruments and Pro Audio.

Operating since 1946, the company has built relationships with a number of notable international brands, and prides itself on offering exceptional service to its many New Zealand retailers & customers.


Manual Stock and Invoicing systems were holding back the business – Direct Imports had initially used a manual system for stock and invoicing, and different parts of various software packages for other sectors of the business. In wholesaling, stock and invoicing are two key areas of business. These parts of the operation are also the major touchpoints with clients, so it was important for Direct Imports to upgrade from a manual system so as to save them time and to continue providing a high level of service.

“Stock and invoicing are two key areas for us as importers and distributors. How we managed with manual systems I just don’t know!”


Install a business management system in tune with their needs – Direct Imports had MYOB EXO tailored to meet a number of needs critical to their business, and enabled key staff to have access to all the information they needed, in real time. In consultation with Direct Imports it was determined that MYOB EXO should better manage inventory, which in turn would lead to a new instantaneous pricing policy. MYOB EXO achieves this by providing an overview of the business on a daily basis and allows information to be compared against budgets.

“There is more control from a managerial point of view and also in terms of sales, GPs and trends, plus the ability to manage pricing and having greater stock control has been of huge benefit to us”


The improvements have struck a chord with everyone – Since implementing MYOB EXO, which was tailored to meet specific needs and integrated into existing windows-based systems, the reporting system provided by the program allow Direct Imports to see when something isn’t right in an instant. They can then easily tweak crucial areas of business such as stock, pricing and reporting.


  • Manual system for stock and invoicing
  • Different software across the business
  • Not enough control in managing pricing and stock


  • Manual invoicing now computerised
  • Company now runs just as efficiently with 20 as it did with 30 staff
  • Completely transparent view of all aspects of the business
MYOB EXO - The next step up in performance and customised workflows

Have you outgrown their small-business software?  MYOB Exo is the next step, a powerful integrated business system that is based on the Microsoft SQL database and therefore it has the power to handle large volumes of data and large numbers of users and the system will continue to operate at high speed.   Add to this the high functionality of the Exo modules and ability for the system to be customised, and you have the ideal system for a growing business.

With Exo order processing, my guys can enter a customer order 10 times faster and when your average order is 20 SKUs, that’s a major time saving every day.

Paul Horsey
Director, Abyss Distribution